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Site on your device - solution which connects your device with internet.

Remote control any computer/mobile/device over the internet.

How to use:

1) You register new account.
2) Register domain which you want.
3) Download our client(lightweight and fast Web Server).
4) Install and start client, specify path which web content you want share with internet.
5) Tell your friends about your own web site.

Our client(Web Server) has next features:

- Http 1.1 protocol.
- Http 2 protocol.
- WebSocket support.
- IPV6 connections.
- Proxy to external http server.
- Basic & digest authentication for secure access.
- Directory index.
- Cross-platform support.
- Open source(we only transfer web content, you can check that on next link: project sources).

Compare with standard internet domains:

1) Free domain address which proxies over SiteOnYourDevice site.
2) Free hosting because you use your device.
3) Work on all devices.
4) Remote control access to device.
5) Direct access to web server if server is placed on visible network.

1) It is not direct domain (proxies over SiteOnYourDevice).
2) Young solution.
3) Support only clear html/js pages.

In addition you are able to use our program for your own purposes, all free and we love Open source, We are waiting for your feedback!
Please write any issues and proposals to GitHub Issues.